What is a Masterplan?

A Masterplan is a strategic document that outlines a long term vision to guide the future development or redevelopment of a particular area. It does not contain detailed design but simple sets out the intentions for a particular precinct or area  (in this case The Parade) and how the Council proposes to redevelop it in the future.

In developing a Masterplan a number of issues are taken into consideration to understand the current and future needs of the precinct including (but not limited to) the history and identity of the area, the existing building stock and proposed scale of redevelopment, traffic, parking, public transport, pedestrian movement and safety, streetscape presentation, infrastructure requirements and activation 

Why does The Parade need a Masterplan?

The Parade Masterplan is necessary because the last major upgrade to The Parade occurred over 20 years ago, in conjunction with the undergrounding of the overhead power lines.  Since that time, The Parade has experienced a significant increase in popularity, resulting in The Parade now being recognised not only as the economic, cultural and civic heart of both the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters and the eastern suburbs, but also as one of the State’s Premier Mainstreets. 

However, over time, the Parade’s infrastructure has aged and the existing condition of some sections of the Precinct have become tired or no longer suit their function. In order to maintain The Parade’s identity, appeal and popularity, the Council is developing a Masterplan, which will contain a long term vision and design framework, that meets the contemporary needs of businesses, residents and visitors, to direct the future redevelopment of this significant Mainstreet. Not only will the Masterplan take into consideration the current needs of the local community, it will also take into consideration the future needs of the Precinct and those of the anticipated higher density mixed use development along or adjacent to The Parade (Kent Town & The Parade Strategic Growth Development Plan Amendment, endorsed in October 2016).

Delivering a more accessible and attractive Precinct will not only enhance its social and cultural appeal but will also help to attract new investment into the Precinct. 

What is the aim of the Masterplan?

The aim of the Masterplan, is to provide a long term vision for The Parade that will meet the needs of an increasing number of people who will live, work and visit the Precinct. The Parade Masterplan Project is a significant initiative, that will build on and enhance The Parade’s strong ‘sense of place’ and its distinctive cultural, social and economic importance to the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters and more broadly, the greater Adelaide Metropolitan Area. It will aim to enhance the liveability of the Precinct and provide a framework that will improve the long term appeal, accessibility, safety and sustainability of The Parade. It will also provide clearer direction for the Council and stakeholders regarding the opportunities for greater Precinct investment and growth, including future opportunities for public transport expansion (ie Light Rail).

The Masterplan will establish a holistic vision to direct the progressive enhancement of the streetscape to support local businesses, encourage new investment and maximise community enjoyment, appeal and activation.

The Parade Masterplan is a joint initiative of The City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters and The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure.

How long will it take to complete the Masterplan process?

The Parade Masterplan commenced in January 2016, in conjunction with the 2016 Santos Tour Down Under.  It is anticipated that the final Masterplan will be presented to the Council for approval by early October 2016.

How far will the Masterplan extend?

The study area will primarily focus on The Parade between Fullarton Road and Portrush Road. The Masterplan will also consider all connections into The Parade from other adjacent Precincts, including Magill Road, Kensington Road and Kent Town.

Who can have a say in planning The Parade?

Anyone who visits and values The Parade is encouraged to have a say regarding its long term future. The website is an online engagement tool to maximise community participation and enable all residents, visitors, business owners, employees and property owners to be involved in the masterplanning process. 

How will my comments be used in the Masterplan?

Community feedback is critical to the development of a successful Masterplan. For this reason the Council has identified three key stages throughout the life of the Project to engage the Community in the development of the Masterplan. 

Phase 1: Initial Consultation, this stage provides the Community with the opportunity to tell the Council what they love about The Parade as well as share ideas for its future.

Phase 2: Test preliminary design concepts, the Community is given the opportunity to comment on the preliminary design directions for the Precinct that have been developed in response to the feedback received in Stage 1; and

Phase 3: Review of the Draft Masterplan, at this Stage the Community will have the opportunity to review the long term recommendations and priorities for the Precinct.

All of the information received through the three stages of consultation will be collated and used to inform and guide the development of The Parade Masterplan.

What will happen once the Masterplan is complete?

Achieving an endorsed Masterplan is a significant first step in the long term re-development of The Parade. Once the Masterplan is endorsed it will be used to source funding to enable its implementation. Once funding is secured, detailed design will need to be prepared to enable the Council to proceed to construction.

Implementation of the Masterplan will be a major long term commitment for the Council and for this reason will most likely be undertaken as a number of complex stages. The identification and prioritisation of the redevelopment priorities/stages will be determined through the masterplanning process and will need to be endorsed by the Council.